American Football Super Bowl tickets prices

Super Bowl is one of the most watched sport events. This is because it is the final match between the best teams of the regular football season. Americans spend a lot of money on TVs, advertising, tickets and other stuff around Super Bowl time.

We may say that Super Bowl is the spending night. In this article you will find all the necessary information on where to get Super Bowl tickets and how much they cost.

One source of buying Super Bowl tickets is on eBay. This is a very expensive option as they may cost several thousands of dollars. There were tickets sold in medium places with as much as $6000 for a pair. Also, good spots tickets were sold with $7000 per pair.

Luckily, there are other ways of getting your Super Bowl tickets besides eBay. If you will perform a little research on the Internet you will find a big variety of specialized websites that offer the possibility of buying tickets without an auction.

However, the prices are not very low at these sites either. Depending on how much you want to spend you may get 2 tickets at club level with great accommodation for $15000 or 2 tickets at the view with $3000.

As you have already seen, everything concerning the Super Bowl is very expensive. Even last year’s tickets are sold on eBay with $40. Parking is very expensive too at the stadium as it may cost you as much as $150.

As being actually in the Super Bowl stadium is very expensive, many people prefer other destinations such as Las Vegas. This is because sport betting is legal in Las Vegas and many prefer to celebrate Super Bowl with a big bet on their favorite team. Many choose to do that and there are people who do that every year: instead of attending the super Bowl, they go to Las Vegas.

Even if a Las Vegas trip is not the cheapest trip you can make, it is still cheaper than actually going to the Super Bowl. Also, a whole weekend you can enjoy great food and accommodation and you can bet on your favorite team. You can watch the game from armchairs instead of hard seats in the stadium.

In conclusion, Super Bowl has become a very expensive event for everyone and this is the main reason why people prefer other destinations during the “Super Bowl season”.

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