American Football and its trophies

Football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world and especially in the United States. American football has the largest audiences of all the other American sports. It is a great sport and it has many followers. However, there are many fans that do not know anything about American football’s history or trophies.

American football evolved from rugby in the 19 century. It is still similar to 2 of the most popular sports in Europe: rugby and soccer. Actually, Europeans call soccer “football” and football “American football”.

Rugby, soccer and football are very popular in the entire world. Their origins are somewhat common as they all come from England. In the 19 century the first American football match was played between Princeton and Rutgers. Rutgers won the game with 6 to 4. After this first game, in 1873, the first association of football teams was created.

Its name was Intercollegiate Football Association and only 4 teams were part of it: Yale, Princeton, Rutgers and Columbia. This association recommended that the game should be played with 15 players in each team.

The rules of the game were inspired from both rugby and soccer and they have suffered changes as the game was more and more popular outside colleges too. Walter Camp, the father of the American football made rules that stated the 11 players and the 110 yards field. Tackling and downs were also legalized shortly after these rules.

At the end of the 19 century, many cases of serious injuries and even deaths made several colleges to ban this sport. These injuries resulted from the physical aspect of American football.

However, things have changed in time and the great thing about nowadays football is that even if it is an American sport and it is played only in this part of the world, it gains in popularity in other parts of the world. This is because of its challenging nature. Many Europeans watch football for example even if rugby is much more played in Europe.

Football trophies are usually made of plastic or metals. They are the most wanted objects by every player that starts to play football. However, there are many memorabilia objects you may find online at specialized websites that resemble the original trophies. These are great collection pieces and therefore many fans buy them for their favorite team collection.

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