The Amazing World Of Fantasy Sports – Part 2

Does the quality of the offense influence the score table?

Perhaps the most commonly believed myth of fantasy sports is that the quality of the offense has a direct impact on the score table. In order to explain why this is a misconception, we will use the all-time example: Edgerrin James in 2001, when he went down for the Indianapolis Colts. At that point, almost everyone thought that losing such a weapon in your offense means lower scoring games for the team.

However, the team manager found the solution that proved everybody wrong: the team needed to throw more often and guess what, the team actually excelled in 14 out of 16 regular games.
This is crucial to remember in fantasy sports: there is no guarantee that a better offense will score more and a depreciated defense will not necessarily give in more points.

In regards to the defense of team, there are two other issues worth mentioning. First of all, a poor defense that includes a decent secondary can be run against more often. Secondly, an awesome defense that specializes in stopping the run can determine the opponent team to take more risks.

Learning the ins and outs of fantasy sports

As we mentioned in the beginning of the guide, fantasy sports are more than math and keeping up to date with the sporting events. In short, they involve thinking outside the box. The fundamental distinction between pro fantasy players and beginners is that while the first query long-term performances, the latter are forced to analyze each game at a time. From this point of view, many experts think that handicappers are better off with changing their line-ups than going with the rotisserie style leagues. Nonetheless, the novice player has a lot to learn from both types of leagues.

Where to get useful advice

Those who enjoy it but are not that good with decision making should check out the various fantasy sports websites and do their best to understand the info presented there if they want to win. One of our recommendations is, a well-established site that focuses on all sports and that always provides a wise view.

However, this does not mean that you should not search and find sites that specialize on the fantasy sport of your choice, from ESPN to Yahoo. For instance, if you are a NFL fan, then you can check out the complete player history and statistics offered by Even though you do may really comprehend the need to check out statistics at first, the truth is that analyzing the parameters within their proper framework can be of great value!

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