Rules for trading

When you are playing fantasy football with your friends and family online there are some things you need to know about the game itself. There can be a sibling rivalry and some bad blood between the people you are playing but just remember that it is only a game because some people take it too far because they are too into the game itself to realize what they are doing. It’s just a game designed for people to have fun and get their mind off other things for a little bit of time. When you are playing fantasy football online and are about to trade players, there are some things that you need to know about before you start trading because there are rules and other guidelines that need to be followed otherwise you can get kicked out of the league your in. here are some things that you might want to think about before you start trading players to other teams.

One thing that is important to ay league in fantasy football is that they want you to play fair. If you know someone does not know much about the game or even how it works, they don’t want you to trade with them so that you get all the good players off them and your team is stacked because that is unfair game play and the league does not like players like that. In some leagues they will throw you out for player tampering because they see that as cheating. You are getting the players you want but giving nothing for trades. It’s a fun and fair game that the leagues want to keep it that way. Keep this in mind when you are trading off players ad keep it fair because the league will be monitoring the trades.

There are two ways to trade players when you are playing fantasy football and the two ways are as follows. One way to make a trade offer is to post an offer that everyone can see it in a public forum on that board. You can make an offer to the general public so that all the people in the league can see the players you are offering and the players you want. Public forum trades are most common because they are easier to do and you get a lot of responses so you can work out all the trade details.

Another way to trade the players you have it to make a private offer to another player. It is basically sending a private message because they are the only one that can see your offer. Some people like this option better because they don’t have to go through many messages to see if their trade got accepted.

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