Beat your friends with your fantasy football team

If you are new to playing fantasy football and all of your friends say that you should play then you might want to because then you can beat them at their own game. If you are new to the game then you need to know a few things that will make your team a force to be recoded with. A new player needs all the advice they can get because a seasoned veteran knows all the things to do to get the players they want. Here are some tips for a new player so that they can stand a chance in a league.

One thing that makes a player stand out is the draft. If you are new to the game then the draft is the perfect thing to get your team on the map. A new player is one thing that has the upper hand in the draft because they will get a majority of the good players. They also have a better chance of getting the players that everyone will be after. This can work out to your advantage but don’t accept a trade unless you really want some players they are offering. You don’t want to hurt your team during the season because of a trade that you have control over.

Another thing that you can do is to trade players to other people and if you are new they might try to take advantage of you because you don’t know what you’re doing. This is the case to new people who are playing the game but the thing that new players have is a coach that stands up for them. The system monitors all trades and will step in if they think you area getting cheated. This is a game but they want people to play fair. If a trade is one-sided, they will send a message to the other person to let them know they are being monitored.

If you are trying to beat your friends when you are playing fantasy football then you want to increase the stats of your players. Increasing your player’s statistics will help you out during the games because they will have a better chance to catch the ball and make a big play for your team. Giving your players a stat boost will greatly help you out when you are playing against your friends online. Put your players in the game to increase their stats so hat you have the power to show them you are not a wimp and can play the game.

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