8 things you should know about the NFL Super Bowl

Super Bowl is one of the most watched sport events in the whole world. This is because football is so popular in the United States. There are a few things you might be interested to find out about this lovely event. 8 of them are presented below in order for you to understand better the Super Bowl phenomenon.

1) The origins of the Super Bowl name are interesting. This name was given by a previous Kansas City Chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt. He invented this name after he watched his son playing in the yard with one Super Ball.

2) There is a curiosity of numbering the Super Bowls that took place in the history. They are numbered using the Roman Numerals. For example, the first one was Super Bowl I.

3) The Super Bowl is the game that decides who are the champions of the regular season in American Football. It is a great opportunity for every football player to play in the Super Bowl.

4) The all time record of Super Bowl winners is held by the Pittsburgh team, Pittsburgh Steelers. They have won the Super Bowl 6 times. Other teams have won it 5 times such as San Francisco 49ers.

5) The team that played the most Super Bowls in the entire history is Dallas Cowboys. They have played in this great game for 8 times. As the San Francisco 49ers, they have won it 5 times too.

6) The Super Bowl has a great history in Florida. This is because it was played 10 times in this state. There are two major locations where it was held: the Sun Life Stadium, which is the Miami Dolphins stadium and the Orange Bowl, which was demolished.

7) There are two songs sang every year before the game start at the Super Bowl. These are the National Anthem of America and America the Beautiful. Also, many entertainers are invited to enjoy the spectators.

8) The advertising costs for a company who wants to air commercials during the Super Bowl breaks are very high. They should pay around 3 million dollars for this privilege. This is because the number of people who watch the Super Bowl is extremely high too so the coverage should be paid.

In conclusion, Super Bowl is a very popular sport event especially in the United States. It has some interesting characteristics you might have not known before reading this article. Now that you know them, you should appreciate this lovely game between the best football teams of the season even better than before. Super Bowl is more than a sport event, it is a social one many times.

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