Increasing your vertical leap with football training

In order to become a very good football player you need a few qualities that are not about tactics or techniques. You can learn techniques and tactics for the rest of your player life, but perseverance and hard work are qualities very hard to obtain.

There are many types of football exercises. Both anaerobic and aerobic ones are very important for your football career. This is because football is played in all the weather conditions: rain, sun, wind and others.

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American College Football and its history

College football has a longer history than professional football in the United States. This is because the first college football match was in the middle of the 19 century and it was played according to rules very different with respect to those of today.

Football has its origins in the European sport of rugby with some features coming from soccer. Actually soccer is the American name as Europeans call soccer “football” and football “American football”. Therefore it is clear that soccer has also some contact points with football.

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